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Clinic with Karin Miles

  • *Seat/Core Program* - a *Balance in Motion* clinic that focuses on the rider's seat by involving Franklin Balls/Bands, DNI Imagery and special exercises after EM for a more symmetrical riders' position.

  • *In-sync Program* a 2-hour session that demonstrates bodywork of your horse including energy work, thermal pictures, and an in-hand session focusing on better movement of the horse. This combines the feel of the rider for a more symmetrical ride before we come to the well known Seat/Core Balance Lesson.


       Coming soon...

  • *Neuro Rider Program* - a brain based training approach that targets the neuro system for a more controlled range of motion, vision, balance, etc. that mentor the overall rider signals.

The Rider's Body


Riding is about the rider coming into harmony with the horse so that he/she may effectively communicate with the horse. It is not a mechanical process, but a union of two moving bodies so the horse is guided by the active and intuitive body language of the rider. 

What to Expect

Karin is known for her emphasis in getting your horse more supple, willing and focused through working on “YOUR” correct seat.


A well-rounded seat, with movement in all joints, is necessary to become one with your horse. You will not believe how your seat will change after just one lesson with Karin.


Come work on your seat and connection through FUN special exercises, the Franklin Method for Equestrians including the Franklin Balls and Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery (DNI), which help you become one with your horse.  Give it a try!


Each rider is a unique human being in body, mind, and personality. History, culture and life circumstances increase the imbalances in our physical bodies and disrupt the balance between mind and body. 

Most riders believe in the importance of having a "correct seat", but have a hard time defining what that means. Too often the "correct seat" is defined by specific forms. Riding instructors often then assume that their job is to mold riders to fit those forms. 

In reality, a "correct seat" is unique to each individual, taking into consideration the variations of each person's body. Riders and instructors must seek to uncover muscular imbalances that impede harmony between horse and rider. Then a combination of playful experimentation and specific exercises can be used to regain balance and improve coordination. 

The goals of the exercises are balanced muscles, not simply stronger muscles. 
The exercises are never forced, but rather achieve balance through a complete cycle of relaxing, stretching and strengthening. 

Also, the key to this work is an understanding of the role that the human brain plays in telling the muscles what to do. Therefore, must have a basic knowledge of how to work with the rider's brain to achieve the maximum effect.

  • Schedule 2024
    Schedule 2024
    Mon, Jan 01
    United States
    Jan 01, 2024, 6:00 PM – Dec 31, 2024, 6:00 PM
    United States
    Jan 01, 2024, 6:00 PM – Dec 31, 2024, 6:00 PM
    United States
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